About me

I like building scalable things that make the world better (hopefully).

I’m a technology company founder, UI/UX designer, communications strategist, and business strategist. I'm on leave from Rice University, where I was a Trustee Harvey Scholar, a human-centered designer at Design for America - Rice, a fellow at the Liu Idea Lab for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a member of the Social Sciences Applied Innovation Lab, the Associate VP of student government, and a Cognitive Science degree candidate.

During my freshman year of college, I founded Solver Labs, a cognitive science-powered job matching service for students, and led product design, operations, research, and led a team of 8 as we reached over 3,000 students nationwide.

Prior to my work on Solver, I worked on product development for what would later become Wildfire Education and co-taught a national seminar on entrepreneurship with Doris Korda, Alison Tanker, Steve Blank and others through my work with the Miller Institute. I also founded digital agency HybridSite Creative during my freshman year of high school and led a team of 5 serving over 50 clients from across the Midwest and beyond.

Aside from that, I've been active in education, community organizing, and politics. In 2016, I joined Gary Johnson's 2016 campaign and developed its web presence, and prior to that I founded RealPolitics, a student-led journalism publication that covered national and local political issues of importance. For our work, we were featured in the award-winning documentary A More Civil War and received national attention as the only student-led organization to report from the RNC and DNC. I've also served as a startup mentor at various organizations in Houston, Cleveland, and San Francisco, and as a hackathon mentor at CodeDay.

Finally, I'd like to thank my parents for giving me that Windows 95 HP Pavilion desktop when I was six that I spent numerous afternoons (and mornings, and evenings) hunched over. My life has been forever changed since.


San Francisco, CA
Originally from Cleveland, OH
(this makes the NBA Finals quite awkward.)


Rice University
B.S., Cognitive Science (candidate)
Minor in Human-Computer Interaction


Founder, HybridSite Creative
Co-founder, GoForge Technologies
Co-founder, Student Media Partners
Co-founder, Solver Labs

Work roles

Product, Wildfire Education/Miller Institute
Program director, The National Symposium for Debate
Digital strategist, Johnson/Weld 2016


Advisory board, ProjectileX
CTO, The Millennial Institute
Council, National Speech and Debate Association