Phil Hedayatnia
Product designer with a knack for taking new things from napkin sketches to escape velocity.
I'm a founder and partner at Airfoil , a design and product studio based in Toronto, Singapore and New York that works with early-stage founders to design their ideas. We focus on web3, fintech, and creator economy startups, but have worked on 80+ projects since our inception in 2018. We also launch products on our own, including Modu Fellowship, a program to help rising designers grow their skills and join emerging ventures, Mira, a newsletter reader and that helps readers find new content and creators monetize and scale their audiences, Cheque, the first billing and invoice management tool designed for crypto-native companies, and many more.

We're hiring! If you're a product designer or engineer interested in any of our products or our agency work, please email me.
I was a design lead at , where I designed our Talent Network product connecting job-seekers with opportunities across networks.
I started Newsletter Stack , a resource with curated newsletters to help you learn about anything organized by topic, collection, and curator (featuring the actual reading lists of 50+ curators), which reached #4 on Product Hunt.
I lead design and curriculum at the Soma Capital Fellowship , an engineering, design and product fellowship program for ambitious students seeking to build new ventures.
I was a member at South Park Commons , a learning community for entrepreneurs and technologists to explore new ideas, start ambitious projects, and make an impact in society.
I led Neighborly 's Networks team, launching projects across the US to help rural and underserved communities attain open, free community broadband.
I was the first hire (product strategist/design lead) at TrustedFor (YC S19), a professional social networking app.
I founded a startup matching students with jobs called SolverIQ while I was an undergraduate student.
I worked as a Fellow at Rice University's Liu Idea Lab helping academics transfer research to new ventures.
I helped enable project-based learning adoption in thousands of classrooms across the US with the Korda Institute for Teaching .
A long time ago, I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and began learning about tech through the generosity and support of my hometown's startup community. I might be elsewhere now, but I'm still driven by a desire to build technologies that fix the problems faced by folks back home: economic opportunity, closing the digital divide, and access to quality education.

Feel free to reach me.